DIY: Balloon Pop Bridesmaid Ask (And A Life Lesson)

Let me start off by saying…I know it’s been awhile since I made an appearance on my favourite corner of the internet (insert embarrassed emoji). My day job and wedding planning is eating up all my time! But – I promise this fun bridesmaid DIY is well worth the wait. If you’re anything like me, then one glance of balloons and sequins gets you even more excited than the moment when your food arrives at a restaurant. If that’s true, this DIY is for you!

I decided to do a balloon pop ask for my bridesmaids, but this method can be used for just about any occasion and anyone. It would make a fun birthday surprise, anniversary card or just-because gift (you know I’m a big fan of those). bridesmaid-ask-balloon-note

Before I dive into the DIY instructions, I’m going to get real. You may be wondering why the balloons are drooping on the floor, seeing as most balloons on Pinterest are gracefully floating. Well, life isn’t Pinterest. And Pinterest doesn’t tell you that in order to get said balloons floating with notes inside, you either A) need a helium pump or B) need to visit a store with a helium pump within hours of popping the balloons, otherwise the notes inside will get soggy from the moisture. I was very disappointed when I found this out at the party store. I think I was even more sad than the two-year-old sobbing in the corner and ripping off his party hat.

BUT, my friends, I got over it. I resorted to my backup plan, which was: blow up the balloons yourself hours before the party. Flash forward: it all worked out, as life does, even though it didn’t look like Pinterest.


  • Clear balloons
  • Ribbon
  • Sequins
  • Paper
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Pins


  1. Print a small message onto paper. Cut out and roll up.
  2. Place rolled up note and a pinch of sequins into balloon. Blow up balloon and tie shut.
  3. Tie ribbon onto balloons.
  4. Hand out to a special someone with a pin so they can pop it!

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