Rustic Apple Cake

This Rustic Apple Cake is made all the more charming by its imperfect appearance. It looks like a cake your grandma has been making for years, blistery apples swathed in cinnamon interspersed with burnt bits of sugar. It will keep you warm on cool fall evenings and fill your belly with love on chilly mornings. This was my first… Continue reading

DIY: Watercolour Prints

It doesn’t take a steady hand or an artist’s eye to work with basic-to-basics watercolour. Uneven brush strokes or even a little mistake here and there will only make your work more beautiful. Embrace your quirks and mistakes! Learn how to create your own gorgeous watercolour prints with my DIY tutorials on

DIY: Vintage Crate Table

Speed up the aging process of on-the-cheap wooden crates from your local craft store with a few I-can’t-believe-how-easy-this-is techniques. The result? A beautiful side table with years worth of character, complete in less than two hours (and for under $50)! Find my full DIY instructions on