Party Popcorn

If there was ever a perfect party treat, by golly this is it. I made it for my birthday party a few weeks ago and there wasn’t one guest who didn’t rave about it. First, it’s the looks that intrigue. Colourful bits of sprinkles peek out from could-like popcorn in an impressive display. Then, the sweet-and-salty taste. “What is… Continue reading

DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

Neon and brass collide to make the coolest little lanterns. String them under your outdoor umbrella, across your backyard fence or above your condo balcony. No where to hang them? Cluster them onto your patio table instead.  Find my full DIY instructions on

DIY Tie-Dye Tea Towels

Have you heard of shibori? It’s a really neat Japanese tie-dye method that uses deep indigo dye and things like rocks, wood and rubber bands to create stunning shapes on fabric. Shibori has recently garnered a whole lot of attention on the web — and for good reason! Its sea-side colour and cool coastal vibe is everything… Continue reading

Birthday Cake Cookies

Proven fact: everyone loves birthday cake flavoured sweets. I mean, think about it – the winning flavour has been reproduced in everything from ice cream to Oreos! So it’s no surprise these birthday cake flavoured cookies were a huge hit when I made them a few weeks ago. They’re chewy, crunchy, and the combination of sprinkles, chocolate… Continue reading