Sugar Petal Pound Cakes

These mini pound cakes peppered with petals look and taste like sweet, sweet spring. I made the them for Mother’s Day a few weeks back, but they’d be the perfect way to end a May or June dinner party on a memorable note.

I used Martha Stewart’s recipe for the Perfect Pound Cake and iced them with a simple glaze doused with Martha Stewart’s gel food colouring (it provides the most gorgeous colour). As for the petals? I was inspired by Peony Lim’s Sugared Elderflower Bundt Cake and her easy tutorial for sugared flowers. They’re simply carnation petals dipped in egg whites and sugar and left out to dry! Did you know that carnations are edible? And so are peonies? And rose petals? Oh, the possibilities! Next time my flowers start to wilt I plan to create another fabulous floral treat.


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