Bonfire Brownie Cake

S’mores are the quintessential summer dessert. One bite of this s’mores cake will unhinge early summertime memories of bonfire stories, sticky hands and marshmallows all fire-tinged and gooey. The brownie crumb is dense, chocolaty, and when paired with marshmallow frosting and graham crumbs, it’s habit-forming good. Not to mention the toasted marshmallow’s crisp meringue texture adds a… Continue reading

Dressing Up Your Food: Brownies and Blondies

Rich, comforting and complex, brownies and blondies have just about everything going for them – that is, everything but their looks. Their crumbly corners and crinkled tops can’t compete with the picture-perfect desserts of today. Attractive or not, just one bite and you’re completely transfixed by their chewy, fudgey goodness. It’s about time their appearance… Continue reading