Rustic Apple Cake

This Rustic Apple Cake is made all the more charming by its imperfect appearance. It looks like a cake your grandma has been making for years, blistery apples swathed in cinnamon interspersed with burnt bits of sugar. It will keep you warm on cool fall evenings and fill your belly with love on chilly mornings. This was my first… Continue reading

Birthday Cake Cookies

Proven fact: everyone loves birthday cake flavoured sweets. I mean, think about it – the winning flavour has been reproduced in everything from ice cream to Oreos! So it’s no surprise these birthday cake flavoured cookies were a huge hit when I made them a few weeks ago. They’re chewy, crunchy, and the combination of sprinkles, chocolate… Continue reading

Bonfire Brownie Cake

S’mores are the quintessential summer dessert. One bite of this s’mores cake will unhinge early summertime memories of bonfire stories, sticky hands and marshmallows all fire-tinged and gooey. The brownie crumb is dense, chocolaty, and when paired with marshmallow frosting and graham crumbs, it’s habit-forming good. Not to mention the toasted marshmallow’s crisp meringue texture adds a… Continue reading

The Grown Up Birthday Cake

Trade in your sensible two-layer chocolate cake for this three-layer masterpiece. Fleur de sel and a hint of caramel add dimension to quintessential chocolate. Garnished with delicate flakes of salt for an elegant substitute to sprinkles, this cake is adult-approved and perfect for a grown-up birthday party with things like good wine and a complicated cheese platter. Intimidated? See below for… Continue reading